“A strange old man comes one fateful day to a wild west town from far, far away. He announces a tourney like no one has seen, amidst all the bad-asses in the canteen. Humans and demons gather alike to fight for the right to claim such a prize: a hundred thousand dollars and a magical gun, what wish would you ask if you were the one?”

In our upcoming game for tablet devices, Guns N’ Gunners, you will have the chance to become a cowboy in a very special Wild West, one where strange creatures and magical weapons abound; where every character has a story to tell.

Duel your way up to the top, get better weapons, new characters and much more in this dead serious fun game!

Choose your character from an array of amazing gunners. Every character is different.

Face cowboys, demons and cowboy demons in your way to the top!

In development for iOS and Android.

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