Fend off the noise and protect your base to the beat of music!

In our new rythm-based tower defense-like game Beat Defender, it’s up to you to save harmony from the invading, unpleaseant noise. Arm yourself with four powerful colored turrets, listen to the beat and follow it as enemies get near your base!

Beat Defender – Gameplay

  • When an enemy noise hits the checkpoint, press the button of its same color to mark it. If you do it well, the turrets will destroy it.
  • Mark enemies without losing a beat to get a combo. As your combo grows, your music will evolve and you will get many more points!
  • When a bomb hits the checkpoint, you can get it by pressing the bomb button. Now you can use it anytime to destroy all enemies in sight for massive devastation!

Be a part of the music and save it from the noise with Beat Defender, soon available for BlackBerry PlayBook!

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