The whackos are escaping the looney bin! Whack some sense into these whackos in this crazy fun mobile game of quick reflexes!

Whacky Escape! – Trailer


“What do we have here? A whack-a-mole game? Yes, but on steroids with great graphics and hilarious gameplay!” – from


Whacky Escape! – Gameplay

  • When a door opens, close it by touching it, but be careful not to close them on the nurse!
  • Get points for trapping whackos. If they escape or you trap the nurses, you will lose a life.
  • If the whackos throw something at you, shake your device to take it off.
  • If they turn off the lights, tap the generator until they turn back on.
  • Use insane power-ups to help you along the way!.
  • Available in English, Spanish, German and French.

Last the longer fending off the whackos to get a highscore and unlock their insanely fun stories! Now available for BlackBerry PlayBook and iOS!



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