“Chileans and Videogames” by 24 Horas

We were recently featured in 24 Horas, one of Chile’s most prominent news broadcasts. The piece was about consumers and producers of videogames in our country.

Our Creative Director Pablo Mera talked in behalf of IguanaBee, while our CEO Daniel Winkler talked as representative of VG Chile, the Chilean association of game developers. The complete video is embeded below (only available in spanish).

“Chileans that create videogames: Just a dream or viable carreer?” by La Nación

Our CEO Daniel Winkler was interviewed as representative of VG Chile in the Chilean newspaper La Nación in a piece about the growing interest in Chilean professionals for developing videogames as a stable carreer.

The work of VG Chile is not to be understated, because they not only must get rid of prejudices that exist around video games, but also incentivate a new business model. “When hearing that this industry is about video games, people think it’s not serious business, that making a project is not hard work and that it isn’t very lucrative”, remarks Daniel Winkler, communications officer for VG Chile and co-founder of Mazorca Studios (now IguanaBee).

The full La Nación article can be found here (in spanish).