I’m a despised human being, because I work by playing and seeing cards every day. Many people think bad things about you in this position, but nobody says anything. Why? Because I’m the “law” in Arkna (just in spanish for now). I am Kabir Hussein, Director of Organized Play (OP from now on). But, what is OP?

OP is every event that happens in a TCG (trading card game… as you can see we have many acronyms in this little world. xD)

Working on the cards for our new product War Vigil.

Card are not just a game, they are more like a sport, much like chess. For more hardcore players the most important thing are tournaments; for new players, learning and being able to practice; in the case of intermediate players, the most important thing is the community. All these factores together make up the OP: Tournaments, Community and rules.

Solving player’s problems is what I get to do.

In each of these stages we fin many challenges that make them difficult to complete. Plus, when a player is much more hardcore, he wants more than ever to be right and to put the game in jeopardy. It doesn’t matter how tiny a mistake is, he’ll try to abuse it and it’s my job to coordinate teams so we can find the best solution in a way that it does not affect the metagame (this word means the themes with wich people play and the way the game is played locally).

Analyzing game data and checking everything means a lot of headaches. Players will always try to become the best and my function is to keep them from finding and abusing loopholes so we can make the game as fun as it can be for everybody involved. That is why I’m despised… and because my job consists on playing and thinking about cards. Who wouldn’t want that? ;-)

Kabir Hussein

Kabir Hussein

Rocker, role player, gamer, otaku, cinephile, writer and electrician. What am I doing in Arkna? I have much experience as player and as staff in TCGs: I’ve played Magic, Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, MyL, UFS, VS System and more. If anybody thinks I’m lost in life, please tell me so I can find a trascending meaning to my existence.

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